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What are the best materials to use when building your roof?

A building without a roof is basically just a fence. Cold, with little shelter or protection from the weather. While a well maintained roof, construct


Find out how long each roofing material will last

Many people assume that roofs last forever, and give them little consideration when renovating or maintaining a property. It’s wise to survey the st


5 reasons not to do DIY roof repairs

So you’ve watched the DIY tutorial online, why shouldn’t you attempt to repair and maintain your own roof, how hard can it be? Well, put simply, a


How storms can effect different roofing materials

It can be difficult to think about the unknown. Hurricanes, storms and natural disasters are an American’s worst nightmare, but sadly a reality faci


Where is your roof leak coming from?

We often get asked this questionably clients and homeowners. They wake up to find wet patches on the ceiling, or dripping water in the attic, and wond