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How storms can effect different roofing materials


It can be difficult to think about the unknown. Hurricanes, storms and natural disasters are an American’s worst nightmare, but sadly a reality facing so many of us in the developed world. It seems that extreme weather plagues our news forecasts daily, and with scientists linking climate change to increases the impact of tropical cyclones, it’s a problem that isn’t going away.

Storms can rip apart the structural composition of a home, shattering glass windows, and allowing flood water to penetrate the foundations, leading homes prone to rotting.  Falling trees, and incessant rain can further add to the potential damage. And as your roof acts as the first line of defense against adverse weather, what can you do to make sure yours stands the best chance of survival?

Shingles can be whipped off the roof of your house by strong gusts of winds, and often don’t stand a chance against hurricanes. Even missing few shingles from your roof can leave it vulnerable to leaks and future problems. Debris blown into gutters can cause them to sag with excess weight, plus significant blockages which can lead to overflowing water.

Leaks appearing in your attic, could be a sign that your roof has been damaged by a storm, whereas dents and cracks to shingles could mean that hail has affected the surface of your roof. Even a small crack can lead to weaknesses throughout the roof, so choosing a durable material and a reputable contractor can help to prevent future damage.

In stormy areas, a solid roof option are metal shingles, followed by slate, tile and concrete, which can stand up to speeds of up to 125 mile an hour wind. Metal roofs, if installed correctly will last up to 50 years.

If you’re concerned about your roof in the event of a storm, call Premium Construction today. We can survey you property, then offer expert advice on material choice and waterproofing.

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