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What are the best materials to use when building your roof?


A building without a roof is basically just a fence. Cold, with little shelter or protection from the weather. While a well maintained roof, constructed with the right materials for the specific area can add value to your home, and increase that all important curb appeal, it can also make your property more energy efficient.

Many Americans state that their utility bills are the biggest concern when it comes to their families finances. A day-to day expense that simply can’t be avoided. According to the experts, a quarter of your homes heat can be lost through the roof. That’s exactly why it’s important to know what it’s made of, so that you can plan for any upcoming repairs or replacements.

But it’s not just your bills that you need to think about. Many areas across Washington State are exposed to the risk of extreme climate, tree fall, subsidence, and sink holes, so it’s important to choose the right materials for your properties needs.

Clay tiles – Considered a green option, clay can be an energy efficient choice for your home. They’re fairly weather proof, unless your area experiences cold spells and hail storms, and will last for years.

Asphalt shingles – A low cost, easy to install option. Fire resistant and versatile, you can find asphalt shingles in a variety of colors to personalize your roof.

Concrete – Known for its durability, concrete is a sturdy choice especially during strong winds or storms. It may cost a little more to install, but it will last for upwards of 50 years.

Slate – Naturally strong, slate will absorb very little water, meaning it can protect your home from mold and mildew. It’s also more environmentally friendly than asphalt as it won’t need replacing as often, and is a natural material.

If you’re unsure of which roof material to choose for your house, speak to the team at Premium Construction, and we’ll be happy to help.

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