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Where is your roof leak coming from?


We often get asked this questionably clients and homeowners. They wake up to find wet patches on the ceiling, or dripping water in the attic, and wonder if the root of the problem is directly above, or whether water is diverting from another location.

Spotting a leak early is imperative. But what are the warning signs? Even small areas of damp on you paintwork, wet patches or mildew can mean you’re in need of some roof repairs. Externally take a look at your roof tiles, are they green with tufts of moss? If so, bacteria and mold can start to grow and lift up tiles, causing cracks in the roof which water can easily get through. Plant life, lichen, and moss bumps in the roofs pitching can prevent water draining effetely into the gutter, and when moisture resides on the roof, it can seep into your home. Not only can mold particles can be damaging for your health, it can reduce the its value too.

But don’t make the mistake of getting on your ladder and scrubbing the moss off with a broom handle. This can cause even more deterioration to your roof, along with high powered pressure washers and dangerous chemical solutions.

If you suspect you have a leak, it will inevitably be most prominent on a rainy day. Turn the electric lights off and take a look up at your celling at sunset to see if light is coming through from above, this can be a sign of potential cracks and holes in the roof which can lead to leaks. Check your roof flashing to see if any seals are broken, some can degrade due to oxidization or humidity, and cause weather to penetrate your underlay.

You can also try gently running your garden hose over the roof, with a friend or family member sat with a flashlight in the attic to check where the leak might be situated. Lumps and discoloration to your celling can also be a sign of a leak higher up. However, to the untrained eye, figuring out the root of the problem can be a tricky business, and we’d recommend calling Premier Construction as soon as you can. Let us take a peek and we will fix your leak!

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